Typ: Ansonsten
Region: Alle Regionen
Wirtschaft Sektor: Ansonsten
Wertgrenze: 1.200.001 – 6.000.000 CHF

Verfallsdatum: 2014.11.25. 14:43 (Restlichen Tage: 27)

Remarkable real estate for sale, situated in Snagov area, built in 2006, consisting of 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, open space kitchen, 132 m² living room, provided with wood storage facilities fireplace. The property has an opening to the lake, 1250 m ² land, 700 m² net surface, house + garage, a gazebo, and a wharf, a storied pontoon bridge, sandy beach, marvelous garden, inner green house, generator, terraces, all technical amenities, two modern brand new gas powered stations, crawl space + old wine storage space, solar panels.

Negotiable price: 5 932 845.00 Lei

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