Felix Baden – Transilvania

Ideally located in the historical part of Romania- Transylvania, Baile Felix hot springs, resorts- we sell an 8 hectares, property/land.
It is situated on the E 79 way. In the neighborhood you find restaurants, hotels and commercial areas. The city hall is finalizing a touristic aquatic project.

Suitable for: casino, aqua parks developments, hotels, restaurants, mall centre.

Location: Băile Felix, jud. Bihor (Transilvania), Romania

Property: 8ha

Initial price: 5 milioane Euro


Tel: +40 743 245 286

Conversation language: HU, RO, EN


Kosmos, translations without borders

Kosmos in numbers:

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Kosmos has grown and evolved since it was first established. Kosmos continually kept up to date with the developments in technology and IT that have revolutionized the communication sector.

Da allora ad oggi Kosmos è cresciuta e si è evoluta, mantenendosi al passo con lo sviluppo tecnologico ed informatico che ha rivoluzionato il settore della comunicazione: the use of exclusive project management and company organization techniques helps to produce accurate, quick results of an extremely high standard.

Kosmos’s expertise, reliability and constant attentiveness have encouraged prestigious companies and professional figures from all over the world and every field to work with Kosmos. The high quality of its services is guaranteed by its compliance with ISO 9001 and EN 15038, the specific European standard for translation service providers.

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